A shooting day with special “models”

Creative talk Oct 1, 2021

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Our amazing shooting day, when everyone focused on doing their own mission

It was one really unforgettable shooting for all of xFrame shooting team. We had some pets on set to accompany our beautiful female models.

This time, we wanted to create something totally different from other shooting with pets before, staying out of the cute & friendly vibes.

We called it “the animals - imagine x reality” - a challenge for our shooting team to achieve a strong and realistic feeling, a resemblance between humans and animals. After all, humans are just a special kind of animal, aren't they?

It was not easy.

We chose 4 types of animals: cat - goldfish - snake - butterfly. Everything does not always go smoothly as planned. The difficulties came to us at the beginning when we were looking for animal models.

After several calls and hours of searching, we found some people who were willing to help us to make the shooting happen. Finally, we had three golden fishes, two exotic albino snake and python, one Sphynx cat, the butterflies are hard to work with alive so we got some dried one.

The real dried butterflies that were used in shooting

The most special ones were two reptiles joining us in this project. Before shooting, we had to make sure they were not poisonous and tamed carefully. Under the hand of the owners, they were very friendly and easy for models to handle.

With the effort from the whole team, the photos turned out beautifully and we are happy that we finally could deliver this special project to our dear users.

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The xFrame Team

Writer: Ngoc Anh
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu
Photo: Van Anh Nguyen
Retoucher: Ngoc Anh


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