Color Noise, have you ever noticed?

Creative talk Aug 26, 2022

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Photography is an interesting job, but it is also full of challenges. xFrame Team is always here to accompany you through the challenges you face on this creative adventure.

One of the difficulties that photographers may encounter can include errors arising during the shooting process that affect the image quality. Let's find out what some basic errors are and how to fix them!

In this article, we would like to mention “color noise”.

What is “color noise”?

Color noise or chrominance noise is a random variation of color in relation to the original colors of the image. Color noise often happens in long exposure night photography or in hard light photography… Color noise is not always easy to see, sometimes you have to zoom in on the detail to see the issue.

Here we’re going to introduce you to one simple way to fix the false color in a simple example with photoshop. It works well most of the time.


If you look closely, you may notice the green and cyan color in the highlighted part of the hair which is supposed to be black, gray and white. That's the color noise.


How to fix it?

Before we start, let’s use the Select tools to select the color noise part.


FilterCamera Raw Filter (shortcut for Win: Ctrl+Shift+A / Mac: Command+Shift+A)


In Camera Raw Filter space, scroll down to the Detail part.

Pull the “Color Noise Reduction" until the noise disappears → press “OK"


Here is a typical example.

A small action can make your photo more professional and your audience would not be distracted by some unnecessary pixels in the photos.

In fact, color noise is a complicated issue. On some occasions, it’s hard to fix the noise completely and it may appear again if you save photos in jpeg format and have to re-open and retouch them many times, this process would reduce the quality of jpeg format photos little by little. So in case you are not sure about the final version of photos yet, make sure to save them in .psd format to maintain the quality of retouched photos.

Hope this simple tip would be useful for you!
The xFrame Team

Writer: Ngoc Anh
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu, miaodilac


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