December throwback

Creative talk Jan 14, 2022

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!🥰

Thank you very much for using xFrame.

How was your last year? What did you achieve, did you regret anything? What do you hope for in 2022? There are many questions with a lot of unknown things that are waiting for you to experience, however it may, we hope 2022 will make you smile whenever looking back. And now, let’s recall the contents that were on xFrame in the very last month of 2021, we hope our photos made you smile too :”)

Please remember, xFrame never stops updating new images for you every day, ensuring a daily fresh breeze of creativity, ideas, and inspiration.

Let’s look back at some highlight updates on xFrame in December!!!!😎😎😎

1. Love in Bloom

How do you feel when you finally know what love is? We tried to describe love here. Imagine you are sitting alone in the dark, and notice there is a strange feeling inside you, the feeling is so bright that lights up your day, butterflies flutter in your stomach, and roses bloom from inside your heart. Is that what you felt when you met your destiny? “Love in Bloom”

2. Stay Healthy Together

Is it lovely that you and your little family can exercise together, have exciting memories and stay healthy? Maybe that is the motivation that you’ve always been looking for.

3. Holiday with Friends

After hard working days, earning some time and having fun with your bestie will be a great boost for life!

4. A Little Fun

One of the purest things is children’s smiles. They can easily find joy and happiness just by simply playing with water. We all used to have times like that, such good old days.

5. Public Enemies

Environmental pollution has always been a complicated problem that affects the quality of species’ lives. What would it be if one day there was too much trash that flew into the sky and stuck in the cloud? No one wants that kind of future!

6. Quality Family Time

After a busy year, nothing is better than spending time for family gatherings. Let’s create some memories with your dearest!

What do you think about all the contents above?

Besides these images, we also have thousands of other images completely free on xFrame waiting for you to discover.👏👏👏

What are you waiting for? Experience this creative adventure with us.

This is the last entry for monthly throwback articles, we’ll close the topic here in this blog and will deliver more interesting topics in the near future. Please wait for it and thank you for having time reading these lines <3

The xFrame Team

Writer: Ngoc Anh
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu


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