Meet our xFramer: Dan Gyokuei

We are xFramer Oct 29, 2021

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!

Thank you very much for using xFrame.

We are happy to introduce to you the “Meet our xFramer” series, where you can get to know our team members and learn more about the people behind our service.

Let’s have a small talk with an important staff of the Content production Team - Ms. Dan.

1. Tell something about yourself!

I’m Dan, I live in Hanoi, Vietnam.

My hobby is taking photos of anything I like such as traveling, street life, or my own conceptual projects...
I love reading manga, comics, watching animations and fashion has always been an endless source of inspiration for me, too!

2. What’s your role at xFrame?

I'm a Photographer and Retoucher for xFrame projects. Recently, I'm gaining experience to be a Creative Director by taking part in building ideas and concepts for the shootings.

3. What’s your working background?

I was a photojournalist for the Vietnam National Defence television channel for 6 years. After realizing my desire to improve my skills in the creative field, I made a transformation for my career path and joined PIXTA VIETNAM as a Retoucher and Photographer in the middle of 2019.

This is not just working but also a chance for me to do my favorite things every day.

4. What does your regular day at xFrame look like?

A regular day with me is to face the screen every 8 hours/day, holding a Wacom pen and retouching. You think it's boring, don’t you? But with music, I can be like that all day. Listening to good songs always keeps my mood up for work and helps me to stay concentrated.

You can have a trial with this song ;)
Of Monsters And Men - Wolves Without Teeth

Besides that, my job is not just a Retoucher, I'm a Photographer and a “trainee" for Creative Director also. For each shooting project of xFrame to be done, there are a lot of no-name things to prepare and it often takes us weeks to raise ideas; build concepts; find models, shooting staff (stylist, MUA…), shooting locations.

On a regular shooting day for xFrame, my “office” will turn to studios, and sometimes it's outdoor places somewhere. Shooting will last for 8-12 hours and it is continuous creative time.

5. What tools do you usually use for work?

Now my main gear for shooting is a Canon 6D, Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8 L USM and Canon fixed 50mm f1.8. It has been my gear since I was a photojournalist.

For retouching, I’m using Imac screen and Wacom Intuos Pro.

6. Where does your inspiration for photography usually come from?

My inspiration for photography depends a lot on my hobby.

I often suddenly get inspiration while listening to songs or coincidentally find locations or faces that are totally in my taste. I love reading manga, watching movies, and fashions, and I think my visuals and ideas get in shape in that process also.

7. What is your favorite project you have ever shot for xFrame?

Until now, my most favorite project for xFrame is the one about the Office Environment. I wanted to concentrate on the office worker’s feelings, not merely some office activities like other normal stock photos.

Office life is an interesting topic with a lot of things you can dig into. It somehow looks like a small society with various kinds of people, relationships, and feelings. I myself feel related when working as a full-time office worker. so I hope viewers could understand or even feel related to how stressful office life could be through this shooting.

8. What difficulties do you face in Retouch work? How did you overcome those difficulties?

Retouching is an amazing process when it makes photos better, or even much more perfect compared with reality. It allows you to erase or add whatever you want to photos so that photographers sometimes depend too much on photoshop and forget that good and careful preparation is the most important thing for successful shooting.

Sometimes I get a series that takes too much time just to erase something out of photos while it could have been easier and saved a lot of time if the shooting team noticed that detail and fixed it right in the shoot. In that case, normally I would give feedback to the Creative Director so that he/ she could notice for the better next time.

On the other hand, retouching a detail, again and again, is really stressful and I have to admit that it’s kinda boring. However, that process actually will help you to improve your skill and even your patience. This way of thinking made me feel better all the time hehe.

9. As a photographer, how do you feel about xFrame? Please say something to other photographers ^^!

I think xFrame is really a nice source for people who are searching for high-quality stock photos, especially photos that are totally royalty-free to download.

Really hard to find good things that are free nowadays, but xFrame is one of a kind.

10. Where can people find you/ chat with you?

I have a Facebook page and Instagram account to upload my personal projects and accept commission shooting.

Hope you will have a good time there if you ever visit my site :”)

Interviewer: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu
Interviewee: Dan Gyokuei
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu
Photo: Dan Gyokuei


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