Meet our xFramer: Hung Bui

We are xFramer Apr 15, 2022

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!

Thank you very much for using xFrame.

We are happy to introduce to you the “Meet our xFramer” series, where you can get to know our team members and learn more about the people behind our service.

Let’s have a small talk with the next member of our development team - Mr. Hung Bui

1. Tell something about yourself!

My name is Bui Van Hung, a web developer
I live in Hanoi, Vietnam.

My hobby is listening to music, which can make me feel more excited and focused on work. I highly recommend the following instrumental music, kindly have a trial ^^!

2. What’s your role at xFrame?

At xFrame, I take on the role of a front-end developer. My main work is to directly build the interface components of xFrame, or elements related to user interaction to bring the best experience to our users and help them easily perform all operations when accessing the website.

In addition, I also regularly discuss with my team members, giving solutions and ideas to improve the quality of xFrame.

3. What’s your working background?

My career goal is to become a full-stack developer. Therefore, I have honed myself through many projects related to education since I was at the university and at my old company.

I am trying harder to develop myself to become not only a full-stack developer but also a good full-stack developer.

4. What does your regular day at xFrame look like?

My workday usually starts with checking if the xFrame website is up and running, then comes checking the status of the services we're using. After completing all the checking steps and if everything is working properly, I will start working on the assigned tasks.

Of course, I will not do those tasks alone, because I and my team members always do not hesitate to discuss to find the best solution for the problems we are facing.

Every day, we will have a daily meeting for team members to share the work of that day. This meeting is held via Zoom because the team has Japanese members.

5. What tools do you usually use for work?

I use Ubuntu Linux operating system for work.
Some tools I often use are Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text 3, and Figma.

Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text 3 help me write code. I prefer Visual Studio Code because it has many utilities to help me write code faster and more accurately;
Figma is a tool that helps me track the design of the Designer, thereby converting the design into an interface for the website;
In addition, Google Chrome with Chrome Dev Tool is also a useful tool to support debugging in the process of writing code.

6. Hung did not join xFrame from the beginning, but when the website was formed and on the way to development, right? How do you feel about xFrame from a technical point of view?

From a technical perspective, xFrame is a new product, that applies the latest technologies at the time of release. The technology that xFrame uses contributes significantly to reducing the amount of work that developers need to do so that they can focus on business development, bringing better quality to the product. This is the most interesting thing I've noticed when working with xFrame.

7. What is the biggest challenge you faced while participating in the xFrame project? How did you and your team overcome it?

We recently had a cost-related issue with 1 Google Cloud service.

This problem occurred because we did not carefully evaluate the criteria when using this service, by the time the error was discovered, the incurred cost exceeded the estimated cost many times. We're trying to get in touch with Google customer support to get the right help, and fortunately have received some positive feedback.

From this incident, we have self-reflected, thereby drawing valuable lessons for the team's product development process.

8. A feature that you participated in the development made you feel excited

It's the Collections feature!

This is the biggest feature I've taken on since joining xFrame. This feature makes xFrame more vibrant thanks to user contributions to the site's content. In addition to just downloading photos, Gallery makes it easy for users to save their favorite photos.

9. A Japanese colleague, who joins the daily meeting with you - Ms. Aya, shared that your English has improved many times. Can you share about this progress? I believe this will be a great motivation for our friends!

I and some colleagues in the company have an English club after work.

Every day we will spend about 30 minutes on club activities by pre-selecting a topic, then each member will share about that topic in turn. After that, the remaining members will ask relevant questions as well as give suggestions if they detect mistakes in vocabulary, grammar, expression, ... of the others. We mainly focus on speaking skills, and everyone can share freely so the club is very active.

This not only helps us improve our English communication skills, but also helps us relax and relieve stress after work. Moreover, through it we can get to know our colleagues better.

10. Where can people find you/ chat with you?

This is my Facebook account! See you there!

Interviewer: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu
Interviewee: Hung Bui
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu
Photo: Ngoc Anh


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