Meet our xFramer: Mr. Takagi Megumu

We are xFramer Jun 24, 2022

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!

Thank you very much for using xFrame.

We are happy to introduce to you the “Meet our xFramer” series, where you can get to know our team members and learn more about the people behind our service.

Let’s have a small talk with our marketer - Mr. Takagi.

1. Who are you? Tell something about yourself!

HI! I’m Megumu Takagi, a man in his 30s, and I work as a marketer in Tokyo.

2. What’s your role at xFrame?

As a marketing manager, I am engaged in the promotion of xFrame.

It is the mission of our marketing team to make more users aware of, use, and experience xFrame with marketing channels such as Ads, SEO, SNS, etc.

3. What’s your working background?

After graduating from university, I had time to work for one of the largest stock & securities companies in Japan for a few years. I felt at the time like it was a job to make the rich even richer haha.

However, I was interested in the IT industry when I was a student as well, so after a time of consideration, I made a decision at that time to change jobs.

In my current position, I am also in charge of marketing for other services and products other than xFrame in my company, and I am working hard every day to grow those services with the marketing department members and each business department member.

4. What does a regular day at xFrame look like for you?

Since there are other members in charge of SEO, I operate digital channels other than SEO, and I build, maintain, and inspect digital measurement tools such as Google Analytics to analyze the behaviors of users on our website.

For example, in the case of ads, I adjust the targeting of ads and the settings of ads creatives so that more users can know xFrame via those ads, then visit and download photos within a given budget.

However, as mentioned above, I am also in charge of marketing work for other services in addition to xFrame, so I do not spend the whole day on xFrame every day.


5. What is the biggest challenge in your work? How do you handle it?

The project to prepare the measurement infrastructure for the xFrame website was the toughest.

We built xFrame with a little special technology to provide users with a comfortable photo search/ download and other website experiences. On the other hand, this caused the problem that the website performance and the effect of each channel could not be measured well by the measurement method.

Moreover, this problem occurred twice. The first time was just before the launch of xFrame, and the second time was about a year after the launch.

As a result of consultation with an external consultant and an in-house engineer, we managed to solve this problem, and now we are able to correctly measure the effect of the website/ channel.

6. It seems that you are always busy with tasks from both xFrame and PIXTA sides. How do you balance your time?

Basically, I always spend time discussing matters and topics related to marketing and management jobs 1 by 1 with my boss about "How much I can invest the resources of myself and the marketing department for which service and product".

In particular, although the number of members of the marketing department is small, they are entrusted with work that has a large role. So that I discuss with the management member weekly to agree on "human resource allocation of the marketing department as a management resource".

Basically speaking, I don't have any special way to relax, since I think I'm a workaholic! haha


7. What do you usually do in your free time?

I participate in futsal competitions once or twice a month with my college friends. And to get ready for those matches, I run and work out 2-3 times/ week!

Also, I like reading books, so I often read business-related books. Recently, I've been trying to read novels as well.

8. TOP 3 dishes that you love the most!

  1. Curry rice
  2. Grilled meat (Japanese BBQ)
  3. Gratin

9. Where can people find you/ chat to you?

This is my e-mail:


Interviewer: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu
Interviewee: Takagi Megumu
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu
Photo: Suzuki Mizuho


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