October throwback

Creative talk Nov 5, 2021

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!🥰

Thank you very much for using xFrame.

Here we are again to look back at how October had passed. Last month, we were happy when some of our shootings had really good feedback from users, which became such a great motivation for us to try harder and harder every day.

xFrame never stops updating new images for you every day, ensuring a daily fresh breeze of creativity, ideas, and inspiration.

Let’s look back at some highlight updates on xFrame in October!!!!😎😎😎

1. Summer Heat

2021 will pass soon and the weather is getting colder now. We hope that “Summer Heat" shots will remind you how you used to feel when laying down and enjoying the sunshine, and may the warmth remain in your heart.

2. Mom's Happiness

Nothing happier for a mother to see her child grow up every day. And when the child starts to learn how to care for every little thing, it’s like the seed that you plant is blooming flowers.

3. A Melancholy Office Life

Office life is a small society with various kinds of people, relationships, and feelings. “A Melancholy Office Life" is a point of view on the office worker’s emotions. We sometimes feel tired and stressed with all the deadlines and tasks to do or even feel like we don't fit in anymore, don't we?

4. Their Little Treasure

Do you ever imagine how you will feel if you become parents someday? From a carefree life, you suddenly become a mother or a father, you have a “little treasure" to protect and care for from now on.

5. A Beautiful Meeting

An Asian flower blooming and fragrant in the middle of an office environment abroad. Our girls are so beautiful and strong. Barriers of language, culture, and country have never been able to prevent people from connecting with each other and creating a lot of value for work.

6. Like a Watermelon

Stay creative with casual things in your daily life, how about starting with delicious fruits? Try it with a watermelon!

What do you think about all the contents above?

Besides these images, we also have thousands of other images completely free on xFrame waiting for you to discover.👏👏👏

What are you waiting for? Experience this creative adventure with us.

Always here for you,
The xFrame Team

Writer: Ngoc Anh
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu


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