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About xFrame Jun 13, 2022

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!

Thank you very much for using xFrame 🥰

It's great to know that from today we can upload photos to xFrame, isn’t it?
This guideline article is made for you to make this process go on smoothly!

Just like other photo-providing websites, at xFrame, after you upload and submit a photo, we will review it. Actually, we will not review the quality of your photo as it’s beautiful or not, but will only check to ensure whether it is suitable for the community of tens of thousands of users who visit xFrame daily to enjoy this creative adventure with us! Because xFrame is for everyone ^^!

First of all, please make sure that,

  • The capacity of the photo is at least 4 megapixels.
  • The uploaded photo is an original photo, not the illustration or screenshot, etc.
  • The uploaded photo was created by yourself and you own the copyright.

They are the necessary conditions, what about the sufficient conditions?

1. Make sure your photos are appropriate for people of all ages

Art has no limits and in every aspect of life, there is a certain beauty. We respect and appreciate the freedom of art, but please understand, xFrame is for people of all ages.

Therefore, be careful when you are about to upload photos that contain sensitive such as nudity, violent, or politically sensitive content to xFrame.

2. Avoid unnecessary risks arising in the process of producing and using photos

Logo/ trademark has always been a prominent issue in the production and use of photos. To avoid possible unnecessary risks, we recommend contributors not upload and submit photos that use the logo/ trademark as the main subject to xFrame.

In addition, disclosing the personal information of any person appearing in the photo is also an act that we absolutely prohibit.

3. Always let your photos appear unique and in the right way on xFrame

3.1. Upload photos that are not duplicates of existing content that you have submitted to xFrame
This includes:

  • Uploading a black and white or color copy of the same photo.
  • Uploading multiple edits of the same photo.
  • Cropping photos for re-upload.

3.2. Do not upload photos with wrong horizontal or vertical alignment
Wouldn't it be a pity if the photos didn't appear as they should? Therefore, do not forget to carefully check your photo to make sure that it is in the right horizontal or vertical alignment before Publishing them!

4. The person or the owner of the property in the photo gave you the permission to publish these photos

Last but not least, please ensure that the people or property appearing in the photos you upload to the xFrame have the permission of that person or the owner of that property. To represent that permission, the photo needs a Model Release and a Property Release.

4.1. What is a Model Release? When is it necessary?
A model release is required for all photos which include identifiable individuals.

Even if the subject is the photographer themselves, a family member of the photographer (including small children), or someone other than the main subject depicted in the photo, if they are identifiable, a Model Release is required for each individual.

Furthermore, even if the subject is a public billboard or other signage that depicts people, if the individuals are identifiable, it cannot be used freely without a Model Release.

Conversely, in cases in which only body parts such as the hands are showing, or the individual is shown in silhouette or from behind and cannot be identified, it is not necessary to obtain a Model Release even if an individual is shown.

However, a photo that does not require a Release does not mean that it does not require the subject’s permission. Even if a Release is not required, as a matter of courtesy on the part of the photographer, please obtain the permission of individuals that will be photographed.

4.2. How to submit a Model Release
Please submit Model Releases at the same time you submit a photo. Please be aware that submissions will be rejected if a Release is not submitted for each individual for whom a Model Release is required.

  1. First, download and print out a Model Release form for each subject in advance, and fill in the line for the photographer appropriately.
    *Please download and use the latest form available at the link below

Download Model Release

  1. At the time of photography, obtain the signature of the subject.
    *The photographer should retain the signed original copy of the form, as well as have the subject retain a copy.
  • Before photography, please be sure to have the subject check the contents of the form thoroughly, and obtain their signature after they have understood it.
  • Even if the subject is the photographer themselves, a relative, or a close friend, a Model Release is required. Please follow the normal procedure for submitting a Model Release.
  • If there are multiple subjects, a Model Release is required for each individual.
  • Even if you are photographing the same subject, please obtain their signature on the Model Release after photography. Reusing the same Model Release for photographs with different themes or taken on different dates can potentially lead to trouble later.
  • In cases when the subject is a minor, the signature of the legal guardian is required. In such a case, please obtain the consent of all legal guardians.
  • In cases when the subject is deceased, please obtain the signature of the next of kin or a close relative. In the notes section of the Model Release, please indicate that the subject is deceased.
  1. After uploading a photo, upload and attach the appropriate number of Model Releases on the submit page.


4.3. What about Property Release?
At this time, we don’t require contributors to submit the Property Release with the photos. However, please make sure that you’ve got the permission of that property to take photos of it.

For more information, please consider our Terms of Use with the latest update of the Special Agreement for the Provision of Content.

We hope that this article was useful for you!

If you have any questions about the Guidelines, feel free to contact us HERE!


The xFrame Team

Writer: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu


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