Sneak on an xFrame shooting

Creative talk Oct 12, 2022

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!

Thank you very much for using xFrame.

How is it going?
It has been a while since the last time we shared with you about the making of creative shooting sessions.

This September, we have organized some photoshoots (both indoors and outdoors) to produce new contents to release on xFrame and we are so glad to tell you how we went on with them. xFrame Team truly looks forward to the photos conveying stunning messages and inspiring our contributors to photograph more and more.

Here we go!

1. Coming up with ideas and casting

In this campaign, xFrame’s shooting concepts were inspired by what is friendly and familiar to our dear users, which we usually call “slice of life”: from home to streets, from peaceful moments to vibrant journeys, from daytime to nighttime, from a lonely vibe to a jovial mood. Many discussions were arranged and it took us somewhat long to decide what topics to shoot.

Then we searched for potential models and selected some ones of diverse appearances for the shootings. We even gladly welcomed a British Shorthair cat to join us ^^ Hope you will see how suitably our models’ beauty and posing styles fit the concepts as soon as our updates are released on xFrame in the coming days!

2. Careful planning and preparation

Scheduling the shooting sessions was the very first step to be specified so that we could make our ideas come to real life. We figured out how long they would all take and balanced them within our timetable.

Some sessions were organized within just one day and luckily the talented photographer in our Creative Team managed them so well. All requested shootings were completed - thousands of remarkable photos were produced and submitted to the curating section.

3. Facing and solving problems

The biggest challenge to us this time was the weather. It totally hit our imagination of a dreamy blue sky background or a sparkling window with lots of sunlight shining through. We also had to delay some outdoor photo shoots several times.
But it went alright as it should have been. We flexibly took some photos in the rain, waited for it to stop, or waited for hours for the sun to shine again until we got whatever needed to be done. Spectacular photographs can not be taken in the haste.
The hot sun went after heavy rain. It really drained us. Also, we had to deal with traffic stuff while shooting on the streets. Fortunately, while shooting outdoors, we had some opportunities to obtain many wonderful photographs that we hadn’t had planned to.

4. Great memories and experiences

After all, we did not only wrap up the shooting series successfully, but were also lucky enough to have worthy memories for ourselves.
We will remember how confused we were about the weather, how we adjusted our moodboards to ensure the target and balance it with the actual preparation and execution of the shoots, and balancing the budget we had been assigned,... We all tried our best and we are now so proud of that.
What do you think? We hope this article is interesting and inspiring enough for you to consider taking more photos and contributing along with us in the near future.

Don’t hesitate to comment and we are so delighted to interact with you on how you feel about this!

Have a nice day! <3

Writer: miaodilac
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu
Photo: miaodilac


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