TOP 10 hot searches on xFrame

Creative talk Jul 8, 2022

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!

Thank you very much for using xFrame 🥰

It's great that xFrame is no longer just a simple stock photo repository where users come to search for images, but has been gradually becoming a photography community when the photo upload feature is available here!

We believe that what we share in this blog post will partly answer the questions that photographers have in mind when they visit xFrame, that is, what are people looking for on xFrame?

Let's explore together, the top xFrame user interests or top 10 hot searches in the 1st half of 2022!

TOP 10: Smile (1,065 times)

Whatever your life is, don't forget to smile. Do you agree that, when you see other people's smiles, the smile will unconsciously come to you, too?

Smile or joy, happiness is always a common emotion that is often exploited in photography, regardless of the shooting theme.

TOP 9: Skin (1,255 times)

Beautiful, fresh skin must be the dream of anyone in this life.
But that doesn't mean we can judge someone just by their skin. Since everyone is special, and your skin is unique, love your skin no matter what!

The keyword “skin” is often associated with topics related to beauty and cosmetics.

TOP 8: Couple (1,408 times)

Love is a strange feeling that makes all people in love become strange too.

No matter who you love, we hope that you will always be happy.

Hugs, kisses, dates, or a little bit of anger are images that are often exploited for the theme of “couple”.

TOP 7: Man (1,430 times)

That’s right.

In xFrame, there is not only content about women, but content with male subjects also appears very rich and diverse.

Top 6: Doctor (1,461 times)

During the current global pandemic of COVID-19, the keyword "doctor" has never been less hot.

TOP 5: Student (1,512 times)

Do the images of young students in school uniforms remind you of your youth at all?

TOP 4: Business (1,903 times)

"Business" is a prominent category with a large amount of content related to this topic on xFrame.

Besides traditional photos like portraits with a plain background or meetings and discussions, keywords that have become popular since the COVID-19 era like “WFH” (work from home), “online meeting”, … are also gradually becoming more popular as a new trend in this topic today.

TOP 3: Woman (1,916 times)

Every woman is a flower. And each flower is beautiful in its own way.

Does the xFrame flower forest overwhelm you?

TOP 2: Beauty (2,138 times)

Beauty portraits have never been limited.

TOP 1: Family (3,536 times)

Family is the strongest support for any of us. Whenever you’re tired of being out there, let's go home!

Basic but useful, all of these topics are easy to apply to any product.

Just by the creativeness of our users, we are sure that our stock photos would be reborn and we just can’t wait to see that :”D

Hope you can find your favorite photos on xFrame <3
The xFrame Team

Writer: Ngoc Anh
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu, miaodilac


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