What is a good stock photo?

About xFrame Apr 29, 2022

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As you all know, xFrame is a website that provides free stock photos. But do you all understand what a stock photo is and what a good stock photo looks like?

Let's find the answer!


Basically, stock photos are digital images of various categories, taken by well-skilled photographers, these photos are purchased for commercial or personal purposes with appropriate licenses.

A good stock photo is…

Firstly, a high-quality photo. Most of the time, stock photos are used for marketing and advertising, so it requires photos with good focus and high resolution for digital displays and printing. Or even in personal projects, the quality of stock photos should be good enough for customers to re-design them into their products.


Legal! With commercial specificity, copyright issues are the most important. Specific contents like brand logos, book titles,...etc, are totally not allowed to appear in a stock photo. Stock photos must be legal enough for everyone to use.

Besides, getting the approval of the model/ property appearing in the image is also a very important factor so that people who download and use that stock image can feel secure when using those images.


Good stock photos must be as common as possible so that they can adapt to various purposes from customers.

For example, just merely a portrait of a young woman smiling standing in a basic white background would be a good choice for not only cosmetic marketing but also for healthcare products or even social communication.


Convenient to customize. Most customers would add personal content to stock photos after purchasing, so the convenience of photos should be minded. Photos with the right brightness and suitable spaces for adding texts or design would be easier for users to modify into their products. Besides, make sure stock photos are clean because most people do not want to spend more time retouching after paying for them.


Finally, easy to understand. A stock photo is a tool to deliver messages from customers, so it has to be understood just by a glance. The expression on the model's faces, poses, atmosphere and mood, backgrounds,..., everything! A clear and friendly stock photo would increase the efficiency of products to viewers.


At xFrame, we constantly update good stock images every day for you to discover.

All photos on xFrame are the product of our in-house shooting team with the first goal is to expand the possibilities of stock photography. Recently, shootings were organized in Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Taiwan.

Although the current content does not show the images of all countries in Asia, we are trying our best to contribute our work to help diversify the current creative content on the market. We also hope it can help you on your creative adventure!

Have a nice day,
The xFrame Team

Writer: Ngoc Anh
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu


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