What is a Model Release?

About xFrame Jul 15, 2022

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!

Thank you very much for using xFrame 🥰

The birth of the upload feature marked a major turning point in xFrame's journey of development and companionship with the Asian creative community. We're glad you guys embrace this feature and post your beautiful photos to be one of our first contributors.

The review team of xFrame has been working at full capacity so that the uploaded photos appear on the website as soon as possible. However, there are still some unfortunate cases, in which we have to remove photos of recognizable people that lack the Model Release.

So what is Model Release? And why do we need Model Release? Hope this blog article can help you answer these questions.

Here we go!

1. What is a Model Release? When is it necessary?

Model releases are required for all photos which include identifiable individuals.

Even if the subject is the photographer himself, or his family member (including children), or someone other than the main subject depicted in the photo, and they are identifiable, a Model Release is required for each individual.

Furthermore, even if the subject is a public billboard or other signage that depicts people, in case the individuals are identifiable, it cannot be used freely without a Model Release.

Conversely, if only body parts such as the hands are showing, or the individual is shown in silhouette or from behind and cannot be identified, it is not necessary to obtain a Model Release even when an individual is shown up.

However, a photo that does not require a Release does not mean that it does not require the subject’s permission. Even if a Release is not required, as a matter of courtesy on the part of the photographer, please obtain the permission of individuals that will be photographed.

2. How to submit a Model Release

Please submit Model Releases at the same time you submit a photo. Please be aware that submissions will be rejected if a Release is not submitted for each individual for whom a Model Release is required.

  1. First, download and print out a Model Release form for each subject in advance, and fill in the line for the photographer appropriately.
    *Please download and use the latest form available at the link below

Download Model Release

  1. At the time of the shooting, obtain the signature of the subject.
    *The photographer should retain the signed original copy of the form, as well as have the subject retain a copy.
    (Model Release input example)
  • Before shooting, please be sure to have the subject check the contents of the form thoroughly, and obtain their signature after they have understood it.
  • Even if the subject is the photographer himself, his relative, or his close friend, a Model Release is still required. Please follow the common procedure for submitting a Model Release.
  • If there are multiple subjects, a Model Release is required for each individual.
  • Even if you are photographing the same subject, please obtain their signature on the Model Release after shooting. Reusing the same Model Release for photographs with different themes or different shooting dates can potentially lead to later problems.
  • In cases when the subject is a minor, the signature of the legal guardian is required. In such a case, please obtain the consent of all legal guardians.
  • In cases when the subject is deceased, please obtain the signature of his next of kin or his close relative. In the notes section of the Model Release, please indicate that the subject is deceased.
  1. After uploading a photo, upload and attach the appropriate number of Model Releases on the submit page.


This Model Release standard may seem complicated at first glance, but it is essential to protect you and the model that appears in your photos.

All of the photos you have taken are so beautiful and we appreciate them.
We can't wait to see more of your works on xFrame.


The xFrame Team


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