xFrame Explorer: Not only People’s Portraits

Creative talk Jul 29, 2022
Portrait of a cat (Photo by harasaki)

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!

Thank you very much for using xFrame 🥰

Here we come to the “xFrame Gallery” again, where you can easily catch up with our best shots from various shootings sharing the same topic.

As you might know, xFrame has been trying to provide good content with various photos of Asians. As soon as you access xFrame, you will easily find tons of portrait images of pretty models. But most of all, we have more than that! Photos without models showing their faces clearly, still life content or some nice scenery…etc. are also useful and easy to apply to any production.

Moreover, we are incredibly happy to see that these kinds of content are being enriched every day on xFrame by our dear users after launching the uploading function on the website. So many great photos by our talented users are making us so impressed! We just can't wait to show them all! 🥰

So let's dig in!

1. Chilling with Landscape

Regarding landscape photography, it's never an easy story.

Professional landscape photographers often have to wait for several hours or even days just to capture one single perfect moment of the scenery. This kind of photography requires not only technique, and patience but also luck for photographers to get the perfect photos. But putting all of these complicated techniques and hardship aside, we simply think that as long as the beauty of scenery could touch your heart through the photos, it's definitely good and who cares if the photographer is professional or amateur.

Feel free to capture every single scenery that makes your heart flutter! We are dying to see them all :”D

Tag recommendation: scenery, landscape, road

2. Foodie

Besides portrait images, food photos are one of the most attractive photography types on the internet. It's easy for everyone to produce them while sticking with their daily life. Just spend some time arranging plates on the table with simple decoration - a good foodie photo is totally in our hands.

Tag recommendation: food, dish

3. Focus on Body Parts

Hiding a model's face to shift attention to the movement or focus on the body parts would be some good refreshment among the “sea" of portrait photos. Besides, these kinds of photos work well in expressing the atmosphere and eliciting emotion from viewers.

Tag recommendation: hands, legs, shadow

4. Still Life

Most of the time, still-life photos describe people’s life without capturing their appearances. It can be simple or romantic or artistic or even lonely… It's amazing how emotionless things can bring you emotion, right?

Tag recommendation: still life, food, clothes

5. Pets

Besides humans, animals can be great models also. Sometimes it's hard to resist capturing lovely moments of your “children”, don’t you think? Watching these cute photos really could heal your soul after a long, tiring day.

Tag recommendation: pets, animal

We hope these small galleries will help you save time and find your taste <3

Have a nice day,
The xFrame Team

Writer: Ngoc Anh
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu, miaodilac


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