xFrame Gallery: Childhood

Creative talk Mar 8, 2022

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!

Thank you very much for using xFrame 🥰

We are happy to introduce to you our new “xFrame Gallery” series, where you can easily catch up with our best shots from various shootings sharing the same topic. Hopefully these small galleries would help you to save time and find your taste <3

Would you turn back time if you could get a ticket back to your childhood? An innocent time when you were so carefree from life and your smile was the purest. Let's recall some memories through children's lovely and natural moments on xFrame via some Childhood pick-up series below :”)

1. Our beloved small angels

Every child is the embodiment of a small angel, both pure, lovely and equally naughty! But how can you stop saying "Oh so cute!" before them?


2. Having fun with friends outdoors

Play with friends but still remember to pay attention to safety!


3. In the family love

A happy child is one that grows up with the love of a family. Wish every child in this world be happy <3


4. The siblings

What if by our side there is always a small ally in the house, growing up, having fun together?


5. Turn on the FOCUS MODE!!!

Besides entertaining moments, our little friends are also very cool when they study seriously!


How lovely they are!
And feel free to click on images to see more content from these series.

Have a nice day,
The xFrame Team

Writer: Ngoc Anh
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu


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