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Creative talk Aug 17, 2022

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We are so glad to bring our “xFrame Gallery” series, where you can easily catch up with our best shots from various shootings of the same topic.

“A woman's greatest asset is her beauty” – said Alex Comfort. Women are supposed to be the most beautiful creatures on this planet. Not only do they have their unique charms, but they also - fortunately, in this modern world - have many ways to be more attractive. One of those is improving their appearance by using beauty products on their faces. With xFrame, you can find thousands of stunning images that show the beauty of young Asian women along with skincare or makeup cosmetics. Are you ready to explore?

1. Be Good to Your Skin

A suitable skincare routine will keep you away from acne, dark spots, and premature freckles and help you look fresher and more radiant. Take the time to find and pick the cosmetics that best fit your skin condition!

Recommended keywords: skin care, skincare, mirror, face wash, dressing table

2. Makeup is a kind of Magic

And women must be fairies! Makeup is usually treated as jewelry for the face. You can use makeup layouts to cover the imperfections that skincare cannot do or to express yourself by following your own ideal of feminine beauty. Every lady is allowed to be as free in their distinctive styles as they want.

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." – said Ralph Waldo Emerson. So, be your very own artist! 🥰

Recommended keywords: makeup, cosmetic, lipstick, make up brush

3. Be Different Sometimes

Changing your appearance in a brand new way once in a while can not only make you happier but also overwhelm others. You will find out new features in yourself and realize how beautiful you can be. There is absolutely no limit to a woman’s makeup look, is there?

Recommended keywords: makeup, beauty, face, make up look

4. What about focusing on beauty products?

In addition to impressive images of women using cosmetics and makeup products in their daily life, here in xFrame, we offer you many photographs of models holding ones in front of basic backgrounds and posing so professionally.

Recommended keywords: makeup, cosmetic, lipstick, make up brush

5. Fresh Skin is A Gift

Healthy and glowing skin will bring much pleasure and happiness to yourself. It also shows how good your physical and emotional health is. We hope you will always treat your skin well and tenderly as much as possible.

Recommended keywords: skin, fresh, natural

We hope these small galleries will help you save time and find your taste <3
Please feel free to click on images to see more content from these series.

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Writer: miaodilac
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu


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