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Creative talk Oct 17, 2022

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Even the strongest people totally are able to get sick. No matter how much we care about our health, we can't avoid sickness all the time, and that's why medical care is supposed to be the most essential service in life. This topic is also an interesting one that the xFrame creative crew has been exploiting so far.

Let’s dig in! Come and see what we’ve got!

1. Sickness sometimes

As we mentioned above, there are tons of reasons that can affect our health in life, and we just can't totally avoid them. Prepare the appropriate knowledge and skills so you can take care of yourself and your dears when necessary, who knows when those skills would really save a life.


2. Healthcare of the Elderly

The older you get, the more you realize that health should be your first priority. You will get weaker, and easily ache every time the weather changes. Your body needs more time to heal itself than ever. The good thing is that with the gradual improvement in healthcare delivery services, life expectancy has increased. Elderly people now have various choices in finding suitable healthcare centers.


3. Children's Healthcare

As children's bodies are still in development not only physically but also emotionally, that's why children’s health is the object that needs more attention and priority. Good healthcare in children's growing process would guarantee a fully healthy developed body in the future.


4. Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is the most sensitive time for women - both physically and mentally. Prenatal care is very important to help moms and babies to stay healthy. With the development of technology and services, it is now more convenient and comfortable for pregnant women.


5. Modern Medical

Medical services nowadays with modern technology let doctors find out and deal with any problem faster and more exactly. More fatal diseases are cured, and many lives are saved by applying technology upgrades.


6. Portrait of a Doctor

Simple portraits of doctors posing basically can be good choices for any medical campaign!


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Writer: Ngoc Anh
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu, miaodilac


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