xFrame Gallery: Pandemic

Creative talk Mar 17, 2022

Hi everyone, this is xFrame!

Thank you very much for using xFrame 🥰

We are happy to introduce to you our new “xFrame Gallery” series, where you can easily catch up with our best shots from various shootings sharing the same topic.

We've been struggling with the COVID-19 for years. The pandemic has caused great damage to various parts of life and now we are getting used to a new normal and learning to move on. Through some Pandemic pick-up series below, let's see how life has changed!

1. Essential Supply Fever

Pandemic turned medical masks into one of the most essential things in daily life. At the beginning of COVID-19, medical masks really became a fever.


2. The most stressful job

Doctors, nurses and medical staff are jobs that became much harder in the pandemic era especially when the number of patients spikes and they have to work overtime continually, overloaded.


3. Pandemic Love

Social isolation and quarantine is very necessary to reduce the infection of COVID-19. It can be a hard time for relationships but at the same time, it’s the chance for family to stay together and connected after busy daily life.


4. New Lifestyle

Through the pandemic, people had to learn to get used to the new normal because life will not be the same as it used to be. They have new habits, new routines and new lifestyles so life can move on.

5. WFH

The COVID-19 crisis forced humanity to get used to a new culture in the workplace, called Work From Home (WFH). Online discussion or online teamwork? I think that nothing can make it difficult for us, right? Let's stay strong!


6. Stay healthy

The key to weathering this pandemic is staying physically and mentally strong to have the strength to fight any disease. Don't forget to love yourself. Live well, eat well every day to stay healthy together!

Hopefully these small galleries would help you to save time and find your taste <3
And feel free to click on images to see more content from these series.

Have a nice day,
The xFrame Team

Writer: Ngoc Anh
Editor: Ngoc Hang Thi Luu


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